Linda Zempel

Ink & Watercolor

Spring for Purple

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $350.00

Linda Zempel


Stacked Stuff

watercolor & ink 15x22 - SOLD

Tulip Delight

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $200.00

Heart Stalk

watercolor & ink 13.5 x8 - $75..00

Doodles & Cubes

watercolor & ink23x17.5 - $300.00

Dried Leaves

watercolor & ink23x17.5 - $300.00

Pale Pasture

watercolor & ink 15 x 22 - $125..00

inspired by Marc-Aurèle Fortin

St. Michael’s Mount

watercolor & ink 10.5 x 13.5 - $125..00

Bog in Magic Hour

watercolor & ink 13.5x10.5 - $125.00

Vase of Purple

watercolor 10.5x13.5 - $125.00

Oysters Iced and Ready

watercolor & ink 12x16 - $200.00

Bottom of the Box

watercolor & ink 13.5 x 10.5- $125.00

Water color

7.5 x 11.5 - $55.00

Misty Morning

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $200.00

Petaluma Hillside

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $175.00

Left Plateau Habitat

watercolor & thread 13.5x10.5 - $200.00

Insfpired by Wayne Thiebald

Cocktail Hour

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $250.00

Tangerine Lilies

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $175.00

Loon Lake

Watercolor 15x22 - $200.00

Blue Beauties


Rocky Path

watercolor & ink 13 x 9 - $55.00

Boats Ready and Waiting

watercolor & ink - 9x12 - $100.00

Linda Zempel


Linda Zempel retired from banking works ​ predominantly in ink and watercolor. An avid hiker ​and native Northern Californian, she draws much of ​her inspiration from nature. Best known for her ​abstract interpretations, Zempel's works have ​appeared in a number of galleries and juried ​exhibitions, including the Harris Art Center, Second ​Saturdays, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, and Open ​Studios.

Linda Zempel


With a degree in Business Management I spent most of my life in banking, ​a solid, traditional and uncreative career. My very first job, though, had ​been in a fabric store, surrounded by gifted seamstresses and beautiful ​fabrics, and I've always seen sewing as a way to express my own unique ​style. I also have a keen interest in photography, and though I now work in ​Adobe Lightroom, I fondly remember many happy hours developing black ​and white photos in the improvised darkroom in my first apartment's tiny ​bathroom.

Sewing, photography, and DIY projects were fun, but when I retired in ​2012, I knew I needed more. Through a chain of coincidences, I ran into a ​retired banker friend who had taken up painting, and then I found out ​another friend’s wife, Heather Taft, was a retired art teacher and now ​taught watercolor painting from her home. I signed up with Heather, and ​joined the Renaissance Society at Sac State, where I got to paint with a ​roomful of other enthusiastic watercolorists. Watercolor and ink became a ​magical place where all my creative passions come together.

In yet another coincidence, I met artist Lori Franz at an art show, and she ​generously invited me to her studio to paint with fellow artists Adel Ohs ​and Sharon Wieland. These three talented women are a constant source of ​support and inspiration.

Linda Zempel

Selected Shows and Memberships


  • Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA
  • Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento
  • Sacramento Fine Arts Center
  • Watercolor Artist of Sacramento Horizons (WASH)


  • Semi-private watercolor lessons with Woody Hansen
  • Semi-private watercolor lessons with Heather Taft
  • Watercolor classes at Renaissance Society, Sacramento State
  • BS Business Management, University of Redlands

Selected Shows

  • 2023 WASH Open
    • Oysters Iced and Ready
  • 2023 Crocker: Big Names, Small Art
    • A Recent Storm
  • 2023 Sac. Arts: Awash with Color
    • After the Rain
    • Whirlwind
    • Glass Mountain
  • 2022 Sac Fine Arts: Abstract Intentions
    • Stitch in Time
  • 2018 Friends of Harris Center Art Association
    • Oysters on Ice

Linda Zempel


Comments? Questions? Commisions?

I'd love to hear from you!

Linda Zempel

Fair Oaks, CA

(916) 225-3225

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Garden Beauties

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $250.00