Linda Zempel

Ink & Watercolor

Spring for Purple

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $350.00

Linda Zempel


Asphalt Repairs

watercolor & ink 14..5 x 20.5 - $200.00

Tulip Delight

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $200.00

Asian Tree #2

watercolor & ink 9x7 - $150.00

Tiger #1

watercolor & Ink 23x17.5 - $400.00

Tiger #2

watercolor & Ink 23x17.5 - $400.00

Doodles & Cubes

watercolor & ink 23x17.5 - $300.00

Dried Leaves

watercolor & ink 23x17.5 - $300.00

Pale Pasture

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $125.00

inspired by Marc-Aurèle Fortin

St. Michael’s Mount

watercolor & ink 10.5x13.5 - $125.00

Bog in Magic Hour

watercolor & ink 13.5x10.5 - $225.00

Vase of Purple

watercolor 10.5x13.5 - $125.00

Oysters Iced and Ready

watercolor & ink 12x16 - $200.00


acrylic on canvas 48x36 - $800.00

Valley View

watercolor 7.5 x 11.5 - $55.00

Misty Morning

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $200.00

Petaluma Hillside

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $175.00

Left Plateau Habitat

watercolor & ink 13.5x10.5 - $200.00

Insfpired by Wayne Thiebald

Cocktail Hour

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $250.00

Tangerine Lilies

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $175.00

Loon Lake

watercolor 15x22 - $200.00

Pink Posies

watercolor & ink 16x12 - $125.00

6:30 AM

watercolor & ink 12.5x18 - $250.00

6:30 PM

watercolor & ink 12.5x18 - $250.00

Rocky Path

watercolor & ink 13x9 - $55.00

Boats Ready and Waiting

watercolor & ink - 9x12 - $100.00

Stacked Stuff


All That Jazz


Gone but not forgotten

Blue Beauties


Stitch in Time


After the Storm



After the Rain


Heart Stalk




Linda Zempel


Linda Zempel, works predominantly in ink and watercolor. ​An avid hiker and native Northern Californian, she draws ​much of her inspiration from nature. Best known for her ​abstract interpretations, Zempel's works have appeared in a ​number of galleries and juried exhibitions, including the ​Harris Art Center, Second Saturdays, Sacramento Fine Arts ​Center, and Open Studios.

Linda Zempel


With a degree in Business Management, I spent most of my life in banking — a solid, traditional and uncreative career. ​My very first job though, had been in a fabric store, surrounded by gifted seamstresses and beautiful fabrics, and I've ​always seen sewing as a way to express my own unique style. I also have a keen interest in photography, and though I ​now work in Adobe Lightroom, I fondly remember many happy hours developing black and white photos in the ​improvised darkroom in the tiny bathroom of my first apartment.

For years, I thrived in the world of private banking. Helping people navigate investments and life decisions provided a ​real sense of accomplishment. It was a rewarding career, but as time went on, a desire for a more creative outlet ​became irresistible.

So after I retired, I dove headfirst into the world of watercolors. I started with realistic landscapes and still lifes, but ​soon found myself drawn to the freedom of abstraction. Watercolor and ink washes were so exciting: playing with ​light and shadows let me create more emotional compositions. My past life in textiles and photography peeks ​through in the layers and textures of my work.

As one of the 18 artists now in residence at the Art Studios, my creativity has soared. I also recently chaired their Red ​Dress Challenge. It was so gratifying to see 62 artists - many of them showing their work for the first time - bringing ​their creative visions to life.

My journey continues at the Art Studios, where I participate in Midtown Sacramento’s Second Saturday art ​celebrations. Come visit me and discover what I have been up to. Open every 2nd Saturday 2-8pm

Linda Zempel

Selected Shows and Memberships

Asian Tree, #11

watercolor & ink 9 x7 -$150.00


  • The Art Studios, 1727 I St. Sacramento, CA
  • Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento CA
  • Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento, CA
  • Sacramento Fine Arts Center
  • Watercolor Artist of Sacramento Horizons (WASH)


  • Semi-private watercolor lessons with Woody Hansen
  • Semi-private watercolor lessons with Heather Taft
  • Watercolor classes at Renaissance Society, Sacramento State
  • BS Business Management, University of Redlands

Selected Shows

  • 2023 WASH Open
    • Oysters Iced and Ready
  • 2023 Crocker: Big Names, Small Art
    • A Recent Storm
  • 2023 Sac. Arts: Awash with Color
    • After the Rain
    • Whirlwind
    • Glass Mountain
  • 2022 Sac Fine Arts: Abstract Intentions
    • Stitch in Time
  • 2018 Friends of Harris Center Art Association
    • Oysters on Ice

Linda Zempel

currently showing at The Art Studios

1727 I St., Sacramento, CA 95811

Second Saturdays, 2-8PM & by appointment

Linda Zempel

Fair Oaks, CA

(916) 225-3225

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Garden Beauties

watercolor & ink 15x22 - $250.00